Worship Ministry


Worship, it’s not quite a verb or a noun or an adjective. It something we do, something we are and something that describes how we live in relation to God. We sing a lot at Vineyard Community Church. We talk to God a lot. We listen for His voice. We listen for His Spirit to tell us what the Father is saying to us. Jesus told a woman He met by a well, that there was a day coming when true worshipers would worship the Father in spirit and in truth. We are striving to be true worshipers at Vineyard Community Church.

God’s promise (James 4:8) is that if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. And David, the poet of many of the Psalms, wrote, “God inhabits the praises of His people” (Psalm 2:3) God, the one true God, hangs out in the music and the words of worship we sing to Him. We are changed when we sing to Him. There is healing and hope and peace and something totally other that happens when we take our eyes off of ourselves and look, together with those around us, toward the One who loves us most.

You may see people worshiping in all kinds of ways. God has asked us to worship with all of our hearts, minds, souls and strength. In other words, worship with all of our emotions, our brains, our spirits and bodies. We each like different kinds of music. We each express our emotions differently. We each use our bodies to express our emotions differently. Some may dance. Some may sway. Some may lift their hands or kneel on the floor. Others may weep or shout for joy. Others may just sing quietly to themselves. We think differently, too. So it becomes important that we give each other space to worship the way we were made to and not judge. We are not asking you to be or do anything that is not you. We want you to come, enter into God’s presence and worship Him as YOU. In fact, if you are trying to contrive something you think is expected of you, you may miss out on what God truly has for you. He wants, so very desperately, to love you and meet with you and worship is where that happens best.

We also understand that different kinds of experiences will make it easier or harder for us to enter into worship. At Vineyard Community Church, we try to offer a variety of opportunities for worship, including music, drama, silence, written and spoken word, art, listening prayer. During the service, there will be times of corporate worship singing. So come, worship, sing, listen, rest and be.