Prayer Ministry

We are committed to a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ and to deepening our relationships with one another. There is no better place for intimacy to be forged than in the place of prayer. Whatever we do, we know it cannot succeed unless it has been birthed in prayer, bathed in prayer and nurtured in prayer. We are strengthened in prayer, protected in prayer, do battle in prayer and we are matured in prayer. So, it is important that we aren’t just talking about prayer, but actually doing it.

We also have an ongoing church wide ministry we are calling “The Prayer Project”. We have divided the town of Derry into “zones” by neighborhood. We are systematically praying for every residence in town and after a home has been prayed for by one of our regular attendees, that home receives a personal postcard letting them know that someone cares enough to pray! Everyone gets to be involved young and old alike. You’re invited to come and get involved.