About Vineyard Community Church

The Vineyard Community Church

story began in 2006 with a handful of folks meeting in a two car garage who had a desire to know God and hear His voice. We planted independently as New Wine Fellowship Church, but from day one it was our desire to be adopted into the Vineyard Movement of Churches. In the fall of 2006, we began sending teams to the Vineyard Church Planting Boot Camps to develop relationships with other church planters and learn Vineyard values and methods. We also began the adoption process and joyously on March 26, 2009 we officially became a Vineyard church.

We have been experiencing God’s love and direction and finding ourselves transformed in the process. He is giving us a passion for worship and teaching us that all of life is an expression of our love and worship of God. Our worship is as varied as we are. Some of us dance, some write music, some paint pictures with vibrant color and others paint pictures with words. But whatever our expression, He is teaching us that He is our Father who loves us and together we are His family.

He is healing us physically and emotionally. He is giving us a desire to serve people. He is helping us to forgive those who have hurt us and he is showing us how much he cares for the poor. As we reach out, we are learning how happy he is when someone trusts him for the very first time. All of us seek to impact the world around us by reaching out to those in need because all of us have known first-hand what it means to be needy.

We welcome you into our story to see what the next chapters will be!